Dear Me What Has Kept You So Long? (and other burning questions to 1880’s Girl)

This is not unlike the chaos of my life.

And they all fall down…my life more closely resembles this chaotic scene than a well timed waltz.

This is a quick mini-post. An update full of apologies and excuses.

It is a statement of goals and intentions for the 2017 writing year.

You may be wondering…

Reader: Dear Me What Has Kept You So Long?

1880’s Girl: The honest answer? I don’t know. We were going along so smoothly, pretty regularly, thoroughly enjoying each new avenue of research and enquiry then bang!

Just like that, I hit a hiatus!

I didn’t mean to it just sort of happened. I didn’t even have time to finish my series on Victorian Dances which was mostly written already and had pictures and everything. (See this Friday’s Post for the conclusion)

Reader: Well if you haven’t been writing what have you been doing?

1880’s Girl: That is just it, I have been writing, just not blog posts. I finished the first draft of my second book in the Helen’s Seasons series.  I finished the edits on and formatted Helen’s Summer (book 1 in Helen’s Seasons) and learnt the ins-and-outs of self-publishing enough to get us started.

Reader: Is that all? It seems like you could have at least kept us in the loop with a regular Newsletter.

1880’s Girl: No that isn’t all, and I do apologise about the Newsletter but I have also sold my house, started building a new house and moved in with my in-laws. I had one trip over east for a convention and an overseas trip to visit family. The disappointing truth is I have trouble juggling it all.

This blog is a ball I dropped. For which I apologise but I’ve picked it up again and we are set for 2017.

Reader: What do you have planned for us this 2017 writing year?

1880’s Girl: Quite a lot actually.

  • Helen’s Autumn is due to come out the end of the year.
  • Helen’s Winter is  outlined (in my head) waiting to be written
  • Return of 1880’s Girl’s weekly blog post
  • Return of 1880’s Girl’s bimonthly newsletter if you haven’t signed up yet click here.

Thanks to my U.S. trip I’ve got heaps of new books to delve into. I hope you will all stay along for the ride.

If you have any more questions for 1880’s Girl drop her a line.



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