1880s Girl Sketches #6 & 7- Lessons on Perspective

#6 General Perspective

Pinnacles sketch by 1880s Girl Amber C Seah

Inspired by the Pinnacles at Nambung National Park in Western Australia

The only way to really learn anything is to start from the beginning right?


1880s girl has put her head down and humbly returned to the days of primary school drawing lessons on perspective and shading. It is time to start from the ground up and learn to sketch all over again.

This is not a sketch of an actual view at Nambung, it is inspired by my memories of it. The sketch really needs some emu tracks and a lizard trail to be just right.

Lessons Learned

  1. Simple drawings are fun.
  2. I love shading.
  3. Remember: Where an object’s base starts determines its depth, closer to the bottom = closer object; further up the page= further away.


  • Graphite
  • On A5  150gsm paper (I’m not very adventurous in the paper department.

#7 an exercise in 1 point perspective

1 point perspective exercise by 1880s Girl Amber C Seah

Flying objects are always fun

Lessons Learned

  1. Have a sharp pencil, the smaller your paper is the sharper your pencil needs to be.
  2. Use a ruler, always, always, always use a ruler.
  3. And yes you really need to mark the vanishing point


As above



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