1880s Girl Sketch #8-An Exercise in Multiple Perspectives

A fanciful room by 1880s Girl Amber C Seah

A room harbouring a flight of fancy.

This is the first thing approaching an illustration, though what it is illustrating is anyone’s guess. I forgot how obsessive I can get about measuring and aligning when it comes to perspective. I think it will require a brush up on math skills to get a truly believable room.

Lessons Learned

  1. When drawing 3 point perspective on a small piece of paper it is imperative to have it mounted on a larger piece of paper in order to mark VPL and VPR off the paper.
  2. VPL=Vanishing Point Left
  3. VPR=Vanishing Point Right
  4. CV= Center of Vision (one point perspective)
  5. Must use Ruler! (now if I can only figure out where I put my ruler so Miss 9 can have her’s back.)


  • Graphite
  • Colour Pencil
  • On A5 150gsm paper

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