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Helen’s Summer

The cover for Helen's Summer by 1880's Girl Amber C Seah

Released December 2016

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The year is 1885, Helen is a Manhattan girl working in her father’s print shop. She is a girl with a future, a girl with a plan; when she and her best friend are invited to the country for three months. They sign on as under-gardeners at the wealthy Vandenberg family’s summer house.

When she befriends a dissatisfied house guest she sets in motion a sequence of events she never intended, threatening all her plans.


Helen’s Autumn

Coming Late 2017

The first draft is finished and  I am deep into revisions of Helen’s Autumn

Helen’s father-in-law sends an urgent summons; he is dying and demands their attendance. She is hopeful of a reconciliation, convinces her husband to go but life at the Manor was not what she expected.

Has she unwittingly put her family in danger?

Helen’s Winter

First Draft in Progress

Helen knows there are seasons of winter in everyone’s life but in Helen’s Winter she learns that sorrow comes in many forms.

After a long labour with complications, Helen gives birth to her third child, a daughter. But the doctor says she will never walk, never talk, never be anything but a burden. He pushes them to place the baby in a sanitarium to forget she was ever born.

Worn out from the birthing, filled with guilt and grief Helen struggles to meet the demands of her family and the print shop.

Then Helen and Theodore are given notice to vacate their building, the entire block is slated for demolition.

How will Helen and Theodore face a future they never anticipated?

Can they overcome personal tragedy and rebuild to give their children a brighter future?

Helen’s Spring

Helen’s Spring is only a hazy outline.

The question of the final succession of Theodore’s family title and land is still unanswered when his eldest brother Charles dies.

Helen goes against Theodore’s advice in hiring a young coloured boy, with tragic consequences.

Then the new Wrenwood family head shows up unexpectedly on Helen and Theodore’s doorstep with his new Egyptian wife seeking their help.