The Message In the Flowers

What we read between the flowers:

Someone left this malicious little message on your pillow,

  1. French Marigold–Jealousy
  2. Frog Ophrys–Disgust
The language of Flowers French Marigolds, jealousy

Marigolds courtesy of Wikipedia. I believe the French variety has more ruffles.

The Language of Flowers Frog Ophrys, Disgust.

Ophrys apifera var. aurita courtesy of Wikipedia


The conclusion is clear: your jealousy disgusts them.

Who would do such a thing? My guess is your sister, the one who danced twice with the very gentleman whose notice you hoped to attract with skillful wielding of your fan. (Maybe you need to put more practice in to your fan wielding, click here for a refresher)

Or maybe it’s from a friend who is deeply wounded after you refused to rejoice with them over the news that Great Aunt Mabel is taking them on a continental tour. Not only did you refuse to congratulate them you stormed at them, ranted and raved before ordering them from the house.

A bouquet of flowers is so much more subtle. Instead of ranting and raving you might have sent a bouquet of your own.

What would you include in a bouquet to show bitter disappointment?

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