Local Treasure #1- 5 Perfect Reasons to Visit Simply Secondhand

This is the start of a new feature showcasing the treasures in my own area.

My favorite spot to search for tactile inspiration.

As an Indie author, I feel it is important to support other kinds of Indies. Independent bookstores, independent second-hand shops, independent cafe’s you get the idea. I love original places with a personal touch. Places to add to my virtual Curiosity Cabinet.

This is a treasure that yields treasure each and every time I visit. I often passed the shop and wanted to stop in but you know how it is, I was always in a hurry, late to pick up the kids, a never ending to do list etc etc etc.

But then came the day I needed props and there was no looking back.

5 perfect reasons to visit Simply Secondhand!

1. Photo Props

I decided to shoot the cover to Helen’s Summer myself. I knew exactly what I needed; an old looking fancy tea cup, preferably chipped and a pair of secateurs that look like they could be from 1885.

The first cover for Helen’s Summer (you can’t tell but the cup really is chipped)

This isn’t the cover that ended up on the book but I did get some beautiful shots that make an appearance here and there on the blog, and the finds kept me coming back.

2. Tactile Inspiration

I am a very kinesthetic person, my imagination responds to tactile stimulation. Every time I enter this shop of curiosities my fingers itch for a sketchbook, my mind begins to buzz with words.

I have a strong inkling for things made of metal like this precious little pully.

Pulley in a child's hand by Amber Seah

This little treasure is going to make its way into decorating my new house.

3. To find things that are almost victorian

Science Primers: Botany by Sir J D Hooker, from MacMillan and Co, Photograph by Amber Seah

A 1909 Edition of a science primer first published in 1876

Maybe it is from immersing myself in the world of Georgiana Molloy, or maybe it is because one of the supporting characters in Helen’s Autumn has a scientific bend, or maybe it is because it’s a perfect example of what Helen and Theodore might print when they move to expand their printery. But after passing it up twice I finally bought it.

But after passing it up twice I finally bought it, Science Primers: Botany by Sir JD Hooker.

All in the name of research, right?

4. the occasional genuine victorian find

Victorian French English Dictionary photo by Amber C Seah

I do not speak French, nor am I learning but I could not resist this tiny piece of 1880s perfection

This particular find was so exciting that I will be devoting an entire post to expounding its particular virtues and attractions.

5. Pure frivolous enjoyment

photo by 1880s girl Amber C Seah

Any store that can yield a Kate DiCamillo book I have not heard of gets two thumbs up

Whether it’s for the smell of musty books, the glitter of old crystal, the excitement of piles of old tins and typewriters, wooden drawers of gardening tools or unique pieces of furniture, there are plenty of reasons to visit this local treasure.

What local treasures are in your area?