Come Check Out The Repository

Hmmm what to do with all this information?

Hmmm what to do with all this information?

The Problem

They say one book leads to another, well in the case of historical research it’s more like one book leads to 10 others.

It is impossible for the likes of me to remember all these fascinating tidbits, with that in mind…

The Solution

A new page to my website fittingly named The Repository.

What is the Repository?

It is a place for me to store and share some of the fascinating people, places and times I discover while researching.

I will make an on-going attempt to keep this collection organized and easy to navigate. The navigation part may require further acquisition of technical skills on the part of 1880’s Girl but we will keep you posted.

The contents at the moment are almost exclusively Female and Feminine but is not strictly limited to women. I am currently reading Pulitzer: A Life by Denis Brian, so there is the distinct possibility of more masculine content in future.

Hop on over and have a look.

I will be continuously adding more information, including dates for what is  already there.

If you have any thoughts, or suggestions please leave a comment or contact me here

What or who would you like to see in the repository?


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